We are sooooo pleased with our KBD, he is incredibly smart with such a great personality. He's already an exceptional hunter and loves being outdoors on the farm. 

Thank you again we just love him and couldn't be happier. 

Lisa and Leah

Avery Creek Ranch

KBD Love

We adopted a puppy from Bill and Jackie in the summer of 2021 and she is the most amazing dog we could ask for. She has a terrific disposition and already takes her role of “watchdog” very seriously, keeping a close eye on the yard and chasing the wildlife out.

She loves people and is in her element when she is outside playing with our family. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Bill and Jackie and we are so thankful for our beautiful dog.


Scout has been such an amazing puppy so far! She likes to stay close to us and is getting more gentle with the kids. She loves water and has such a sweet disposition. Thank you for an amazing puppy!


She is doing very well and we love her. She loves being outside in the snow and always wants to play and wrestle.


He has an awesome personality. He’s a very fun pup and quite affectionate. 


We just moved to 5 acres and he’s loving the property. 


We are so happy with him and love him very much!


She is so precious and loved. She has the best personality and is so good at meeting new people and dogs. Her barks are getting louder around dinner time. We're working on waiting for food, but she still sits before we put the food down. Words can't even describe what the experience is having a Karelian by our side. I know you know.


Dotty is absolutely fearless, she has no problem keeping up with us on walks, and house/kennel training has been going well.


Kuriosity's Darlin Daisy is what we are calling her! She is so special just like you had said.


Thank you once again for raising such amazing Karelians. We are already thinking about the next one!