The KBD has some of it's first origins to the now extinct "komi" dog.  They originated in the province of Karelia in Finland.  The KBD is usually an avid hunter.  Small game, mice, bear, and deer are attractive to their keen sense of smell.  The breed is considered a national treasure in many parts of Europe today. The KBD was close to being wiped out during WWII.  The breed has remained pure and has few health issues.​


  • medium-sized dog, with height at withers in males 22.5" and in females 20.5"

  • weight of males is usually around 60 lbs and females 50 lbs

  • color is black & white with a brown tinge on the black

  • curly tail over the back with white tip

  • robust conformation

  • dense doubled coat & strongly pricked ears

  • good temperament but can be somewhat aloof with strangers and other dogs

  • little body odor and less shedding than in other breeds


The KBD is an active dog and a working dog with a high prey drive.  They are always hunters and love to explore and smell new areas.  Maturity in pups takes awhile and exercise and a fenced yard is a must. 

The KBD does present its challenges and we do encourage people to research the breed.  They require firm and sensitive training.  Experience with other larger breeds will be an asset.  Exercise like walks & hikes is necessary as they will need to expel their energy and inquisitive minds.